Adrian Grunfeld


Dr. Adrian Grunfeld – Deputy Medical Director Pain Clinic- specialist in anesthesia and specialist in pain treatment, in charge of acute pain service in the Chaim Sheba Medical Center Tel-Hashomer Israel. He was born in Romania. He graduated the school of medicine in the University of Cluj-Napoca Romania -1979 and became a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care (1984). In Romania, during his internship, he also learned chronic and acute pain treatment. He emigrated to Israel in 1987.In 1989 he developed (together with two other colleagues) the Acute Pain Service. Since 1998 he started developing The Invasive Treatment of Pain under open MRI (he is one of the first to carry out this procedure in the world). Since 2006 he became an expert in ultrasound in regional anesthesia, in the operating room and invasive pain treatment for acute and chronic pain.