Luc Sermeus


Prof. Dr. Luc Sermeus, MD, PhD.

Luc Sermeus obtained his medical degree at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He did his residency in anesthesiology in Leuven and in Geneva, Switzerland, and completed his training in Leuven. He became anesthesiologist in 1994 and emergency physician in 1995. He has been staff member in the department of anesthesiology at the Antwerp University Hospital and consultant at the University of Antwerp, Belgium from 1997 till 2020.

Actually, he is the head of department of anesthesiology at the University Hospital St.Luc and president of the advanced master’s degree in anesthesia at the university UCLouvain in Brussels.

Luc Sermeus’ professional interests are centered on regional anesthesia techniques. His clinical expertise focuses on Regional Anesthesia with ultrasound for peripheral nerve blocks as well as neuraxial blocks.

His research interests are Peripheral Nerve Blocks with Ultrasound and the Neurosensory Effects of Local Anesthetics. He defended a PhD on these subjects.

He is the past president of the Belgian Association for Regional Anesthesia (BARA). Member of BSAR, BARA, ESRA and ESA.

He is ”past” Council member of ESRA and Member of the ESAIC scientific committee.

He has been guest speaker and faculty at many national and international congresses.